Matcha One

Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018

This brand identity was created for Matcha One – a famous matcha cafe in Taipei. During the first part of design process, designers investigated the dessert lovers in Taipei, and the results showed the image of matcha in Z generation is traditional and immemorial.
The key to the whole project is to convey new messages of matcha for appealing young consumers. In order to focus on creativity and originality, the designer conceived the value proposition as ’the new era of matcha’. In line with the name of the cafe, there are 2 puns in ONE:’matcha bowl’ in Japanese and ‘play’ in Mandarin, so the identity design was inspired by these 2 ideas:matcha bowls with the radiant pattern, which brought people a fun and modern matcha cafe. Besides, the pattern of the collection went on with the shape of chasen (Japanese tea whisk), Mille Crepe cake, and roll cake, which is expressed as radial, horizontal and spiral pattern performed by calligraphy brush. During the design process, this interpretation was adopted across different channels, such as printed materials, online content and event materials, and successfully draw attention to the consumers who need a fresh and playful tea time experiences.

  • Role Branding / Package / Photography / Graphic
  • For Matcha One
  • Date 2018